We currently provide case management to approximately 115 clients. Due to the rural nature of our county, we are finding that we lack people to help provide the services our clients need.
We are not a direct service provider, but would be able to link you to families or other providers who are looking to hire!

Our Career Opportunities

Missouri Quality Care
Interface, LLC
Cameron Development Center
CommonGround Farmstead

Why Work for Us?

Clinton County is a wonderful place to live, work, and play. We are a growing area, and there are a lot of our consumers who would benefit from the services you can provide! We are honored to serve the incredible consumers and dedicated families in our county.
Please contact us at 816.528.3846 & ask for Jessica.

Contact Information

406 Elm St PO Box 397, Lathrop, Missouri 64465

(816) 528-3846

We provide case management for Clinton County. If you are interested in working as a DSP, please contact us 816.528.3846 and we can refer you to the provider agencies in our area.

If you are looking for working directly with an individual/or family, there are also opportunities to provide SDS/PA services for clients in our area.

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