Our Underlying Value Proposition
So what does the language from CSN’s Mission, Vision, Principles, and Goals mean to us?

To support people to improve their quality of life through learning new skills to achieve goals.

Simply put, our Brand Message is: Grow. Live. Learn.

About CSN
Originally established in 1993 as Developmental Services of Nebraska. In 2007 we expanded into a network of providers including Developmental Services of Iowa followed by Community Supports Inc. Ultimately, in 2019 we consolidated into one organization, The Community Supports Network.

Our Career Opportunities

We have positions for Direct Support Professionals and Front Line Supervisors.

Why Work for Us?

As a CSN Employee, you have an opportunity to be part of a team that supports people with intellectual disabilities and/or mental health needs to increase their independence. When doing this, you become the teacher and learner all at the same time. Areas of support that your team will focus on often include; community involvement, job skills, education, physical & behavioral health, and daily living skills.

CSN offers an engagement-focused environment devoted to helping our employees develop. While using your experience, talents, and passion to fulfill our Mission, CSN will support you to learn more about your strengths and how to use them to develop personal and professional growth.

We focus on developing strengths. Period. When you choose to become a part of our team, you are choosing to combine your natural talents and passion for helping others, with our goal of utilizing a strength-based approach to teaching and learning. As a company who is continuously learning and growing, we recognize that when this combination is implemented well, the quality of life for the people we support as well as our employees, is enhanced immensely.

Contact Information

1215 Swift Street, North Kansas City, Missouri 64116

(816) 216-7750

Area Director: Renee Self – rself@thecsnetwork.com
Human Resources: Charry Savath-Hon – csavath-hon@thecsnetwork.com

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