WC Partners (SB40) is the Targeted Case Management Agency of Webster Co. We were established in 2016 after an MOU with Abilities First in 2012. When case management started in Webster Co. the number of clients served was 75 and now we are currently serving 236. The growth in the county greatly increased as individuals and families started being able to access supportive services through various DSP agencies such as ARC of the Ozarks, Missouri Mentor (REM), K & C Stepping Stones, Restoring Hope as well as Self-Directed Services. We currently have 5 Support Coordinators with the growth of adding a sixth in the near future

As part of the growth in case management we have been able to identified other needs in our county that individuals with developmental disabilities struggle to access such as housing. Transportation seems to continually be a barrier for many individuals but, we partnered with OATS Transit who has been transporting individuals to work, day-programs, as well as other needed locations. When the partnership with OATS started we utilized 1 bus and now we are up to 2 busses with the eventual need to move to 3 busses. Within the past year we have organized a 501c3 group that is working with Missouri Housing Development Commission to increase the availability of accessible housing within the county. WC Partners will continue to grow out of identified needs.

Our Career Opportunities

As a Support Coordinator you have the ability to really get to know individuals, families, and guardians as it is our hopes that caseloads can remain lower with little turnover or change.

Although, we are a small organization as we continue to grow there will be the potential for senior or mentor positions to assist supervisor or assist other support coordinators. In the future we are also hoping to add an educational lead person that will work on creating opportunities for life skills or other activities of need/interest.

Why Work for Us?

We are a small office with 100% great staff. On the job training and post training the flexibility to work from home part of the work week. We offer an amazing benefits package with paying 100% into State Lagers retirement, matching 4% 403B retirement account, as well as great health benefits. Although, the work is the work we find it important to find every available fun opportunity we can to keep our office fun and hopefully stress free.

We also have a great working relationship with the multiple provider agencies that serve our county. Although we are a rural county to Springfield, we are just 22 miles away from the city. We have lots to offer.

Contact Information

1329 Spur Drive, Suite 160, PO Box 9, Marshfield, Missouri 65706

(417) 630-0782

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